Friday, October 30, 2009

So haunt me!

It's yer actual Halloween. Tomorrow. Last year, we made a Halloween-themed compilation, which you can download from here. "Seamlessly" mixed and all spooky.
Get the cover and tracklisting here. Terrifying.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's all gravy

This Sunday, come down to the Vauxhall Griffin for a delicious roast dinner. Food is served from 2pm until sometime after 4, but you're advised to come down earlier rather than later as they can sell out pretty quickly. Gentle pops and melodic tunes will be played between 2 until 6pm and this week, "Kiss & Make Up's Stuart [will] serve up a good slice of relaxed snooze-music to help your food go down," it says here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

No valley too deep, no maintain too high

Kiss & Make Up 14
The sophomore set
Friday 6th November 2009
From 8 until late

The Vauxhall Griffin
8 Wyvil Road
London, SW8 2TH

After the giddying thrills of our first birthday, Kiss & Make Up hurtles happily into its second year with its long-awaited (five weeks is a long await, right?) payday (if you work for IPC Media at least) post-Halloween, post-Bonfire night November party.

On Friday 6th November we'll be spawning a monster of a do, with our usual Friday-night-friendly mix of pleasurable pop, melodic indie old and new, guilt-free soft rock and a few curios from down the back of the bargain bin.

Expect music you'll love, delicious home-baking, spontaneous outbreaks of exuberant dancing, a SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS DISPLAY (on the telly) and the return of Eva. (Does this also mean the return of those famous cheese straws? Who can say. You'll just have to come along to find out). Basically, what we're saying is, imagine the best party you've ever been to in your friend's living room, where you did a conga around the coffee table until way past midnight, only in an actual pub where there are more sofas and a quiz machine and the booze doesn't run out.

Come and help us crown our - ahem - November Reign.

Lots of love,
Eva (slight return), Hannah, Helen and Stuart.

Gentlemen take fauxlaroids

Ace programme on BBC4 last night – Synth Britannia. Well, it started out ace, and then kind of petered out a bit, but still it was generally ace. There's another chance to see it on the BBC iPlayer.
The above "fauxlaroids" were taken off screen from the follow-up programme, Synth Britannia At The BBC. You can see some more of them here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Listening and dancing to music is awesome!

If you missed out on our Kiss & Make Up Volume 1 mix CD on Friday, you can download a copy, along with a cover and tracklisting, from here.
I also have about a dozen of the "Please Do Not Dance On The Pool Table" badges left. If you'd like one, email or leave a comment or something and I'll put it in the post for you. Yes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Your body gets the notion when your feet can make the motion.

Here's what I played at the start of the evening, last Friday. Click on the links to see:
i. the official videos
ii. bizarre unofficial videos
iii. badly recorded live versions
iv. homemade videos that just show the record cover, interspersed with shots of the vinyl going around on a turntable
v. Dave Lee Travis.
Good old Youtube.

Young Marble Giants, Searching For Mister Right
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Higher Than the Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Mix)
New Musik, Sanctuary
Ladyhawke, My Delirium
Black Arabs, Black Arabs (Sex Pistols Disco Medley)
Bobby O, I'm So Hot For You
Womack & Womack, Teardrops
Imagination, Just An Illusion
Pet Shop Boys, Suburbia
The Human League, Love Is All That Matters
Preston, Dressed To Kill
Madonna, Everybody
Annie, Anthonio
Depeche Mode, Everything Counts
Kylie Minogue, What Do I Have To Do?
Kim Wilde, You Came
Stephen Duffy, Kiss Me (after which, I ate a party egg)
Little Boots, Remedy
MGMT, Kids
The RAH Band, The Crunch
Goldfrapp, Strict Machine
Kon Kan, I Beg Your Pardon

To those nice nice nights I remember always.

Last night's Kiss & Make Up was a big lot of fun indeed. Our first birthday. Argyris's birthday. Helen’s More! leaving do. Hannah's best cake ever. Thanks to everyone who came down, including the startled boy from FHM who exclaimed, "there are no women in Vauxhall!"
You can see more pictures (many of which include women) here.

Friday, October 2, 2009


As it's Kiss & Make Up's first birthday this evening, we thought we'd compile a CD of:
a. songs we've played at Kiss & Make Up over the past year;
b. songs we'd probably never play;
c. other nonsense;
d. none of the above.
We've made 30 or so copies, and we'll have them with us tonight, so if you want one, it's yours. Ask me, I won't say no – how could I? (Unless we've run out, in which case, we'll upload the file to the internet and stick a link up here sometime over the weekend).
Think of it as our birthday gift to you. It's sort of lovingly compiled, but is also somehow still a bit shoddy. We were willing to go not quite all the way, Simon. We're giving it 87% Cheryl.